Dreaming of a Life Most Privileged

I know it’s good to live in the moment, being thankful for all that you have. But if you had a choice, what might you actually choose? How would your day pan out and what are the little extras that would make all the difference to your comfort and happiness?

This is what the good life looks like – in my daydream at least…


An alarm-free, natural awakening each morning.

A fully-prepared healthful breakfast, which is promptly cleared away once I’ve had my fill, so I can turn my attentions to more appealing activities.

A freshly-laundered, precisley-coordinated, weather-appropriate, in vogue outfit – selected from my extensive and contemporary wardrobe – laid out for my approval. Assistance with dressing, although not mandatory, is gently offered.

My hair efficiently and professionally coiffed, into whatever style the day may require.

All meals for the day are organised and assembled, whether home or away, according to the latest nutritional recommendations, whilst upholding all my prevailing fine tastes.

An entertaining and reliable chauffeur, with my full schedule memorised, always ready at a moment’s notice.

A dedicated television channel that exclusively broadcasts all the programmes I love.

A daytime nap, but only if, and when (and where), I may want one.

Staffed by a full-time cleaner, a part-time personal shopper and a casual entertainer.

If illness should befall me, I welcome one-on-one professional nursing care and attention until I am fully recovered.

Personal recreational and exercise equipment installed at home, tailored to my preferences, with opportunity to visit community locations when, and if, desired.

Each evening a warm deep bath is drawn for me, with a fresh fluffy towel awaiting me after a long soak in the relaxing bubbles.

Time in bed with a good book, before turning in for a refreshingly early night, every night – even on the weekends.

And then, finally, a full night of blissful sleep. Completely undisturbed.


True, it may sound fairly high maintenance, but I honestly think my daydream is neither pretentious nor unrealistic. After all, don’t my three children get to live this life, every single day?


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