8 Times to Worry vs 8 Times NOT to Worry

Even if I didn’t realise that I’m a worrier, any one of my friends or family would be able to set me straight. It’s really no secret. Just as my sons have to make a conscious effort to put on clothes before we leave the house (and, if truth be told, so does my husband), I have to make a conscious effort each day to keep my worries in check.

Unfortunately there’s no reliable way of doing this, but sometimes I can trick my brain by allowing myself some valid things to worry about.

(And sometimes I can even trick my boys into keeping their clothes on for a full afternoon.)

If you’re a worrier, like me, feel free to borrow my worry lists. You’re welcome.



– choking hazards around babies and toddlers

– wearing a hat and sunscreen

– nurturing good manners, punctuality, and honesty

– being a positive role model for my children

– upholding the safety of my children when travelling in cars

– making my own health and wellbeing a priority

– keeping my focus on the right here and the right now

– being true to my purpose and passions in life



– spiders in my bedroom at night

– being called The Worst Mother in the Entire World by my furious daughter

– how much coffee my husband drinks

– the kids going without veggies or a bath now and again

– how clean and tidy my house isn’t

– what people might be thinking of me or saying about me

– everyone else seeming to be getting ahead of me

– what happened anytime before today, and what may happen anytime after today



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