Counting Down a New Beginning

There has been a shift. Our daily routines are now moving amidst the winds of change. And normal is very soon going to become an entirely different landscape for us.

Everyday, I’m making lists. No longer trusting my memory with all that needs doing today, next week, next month. And I’m now gripped by a vehement desire to clear my slate, finding myself finally settling things that have haunted my to-do lists for eons. I’m burrowing into the depths of my pantry, using random remnants to cook obscure meals ready to stash away in the freezer. Keenly aware that time will soon be very precious, and leisurely prepared dinners will become a luxury.

Many of you will know the feeling, I’m sure. Continue reading

No One Can Run Away from Their Problems, so Why Are We Packing up Our Life?

The clerk at the post office gives me a strange look as she processes my paperwork. A look I’ve seen before. One that outwardly appears politely positive, but inwardly hides her surprise, her puzzlement, and her questions. Because when you live in such a sought-after coastal town, a town that people from all over the country flock to for their holidays, why on earth would you ever consider moving far away?

Then, as she stamps my mail redirection forms, the clerk can’t help but ask me why. And I give her the one brief answer that I know, with my youngest child in tow, will satisfy her. Continue reading