Forecasting the Storms of PTSD

Sometimes you can feel the change in the air while the sun still shines. You see the colours shift in the sky, the clouds getting darker, growing heavier. Sometimes you hear the distant low rumbles long before the storm hits. And then, when you see the first flash of lightning, you know that the storm has finally found you. But you can still breathe. You understand that the storm has its own journey to travel, and it will soon pass you by.

And then there are the times when the storm gives no warning at all. The sudden clap of thunder overhead reverberates deep into your Continue reading

A Fond Farewell to My Team at Work

With a light load and endless possibilities, she skipped into town. The work may have been like anywhere else she’d passed, but it was the people that made this place distinctive. The people who made it special. Colleagues who soon became friends. And friends who then became family.

In the years that followed, she became a mother – three times over. Life was happening, and it was happening to them all. The good came with Continue reading