saying goodbye to good friends moving away

A Difficult But Fond Farewell to My Team at Work

With a light load and endless possibilities, she skipped into town. The work may have been like anywhere else she’d passed, but it was the people that made this place distinctive. The people who made it special. Colleagues who soon became friends. And friends who then became family.

In the years that followed, she became a mother – three times over. Life was happening, and it was happening to them all. The good came with laughs, and excitement, and chocolate. The bad came with hugs, and tears, and chocolate. She came to realise that life will take many different paths, with many different lessons. And sometimes the right path is not necessarily the easiest one.

Although she will leave this town with a heavier load and a raw acceptance, she will also take with her the courage gained from ten years of fond memories and cherished friendships.


To my warm, wonderful and witty team,

Thank you for the laughs, thank you for the fun, thank you for the support. And thank you, to each and every one of you, for being exactly who you are.

You will be missed,



“She arrived a Milo-drinker. She departed a Madura EB tea-drinker. But the M&Ms – you can be sure they’ll never change!”


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saying goodbye to good friends moving away

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