Pure Awesomeness

At a time that is usually bristling with stress and anger, is there anything better than an impromptu moment of hilarity with your family?

Dinner time. A special treat for dessert tonight, two Natural Confectionary lollies each.

Predictably, the three kids demolished their quotas in an instant.

Their father, sitting at one end of our very long dining table, then lazily asked Continue reading

One, Two or Chaos? How Many Children Should You Have?

When holidaying in Tassie, I always enjoy catching up with friends I’ve sadly left behind. While our kids all play together with the effortless enthusiasm that accompanies fresh friends, there’s always plenty of news to share over a hot cuppa. One such catch up this week came with the surprise announcement of a third baby on the way.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll already be aware that I have three kids. Or four, if you know my husband.

We always knew we wanted to have children, and thankfully we could. So there was no decision to make when embarking on the zero to one journey. And we also knew we Continue reading