8 Unexpected Things I Miss About Life Before Children

You’ve no doubt read these posts before. Most people are well versed in the sacrifices that will often be necessary when making the transition from adult to parent. Things like travelling the globe. Or just travelling to the shops without ‘helpers’. Crazy late nights out. Or just any nights out. Sleeping in. Or just sleeping at all. Even for an hour.

These are the sacrifices that every parent talks about and complains about. The sacrifices that your friends who have already crossed the divide into parenthood love to warn you about. Although it doesn’t seem to matter how often you hear about them, how often you’re warned, they still come as a terrible shock when they happen to you. Continue reading

Never Be Late for School Again: 8 Steps to Getting Your Children out the Door on Time

I have never been a morning person. My genes just simply don’t allow for it. Yet now, as a mother of three, I find myself in the challenging position of getting the four of us organised and out the door by 8:00am each week day.

But when we realise that our mornings mentally set us up for the day, why not aim to keep them as stress-free as possible?

I found I could ease my morning struggles by employing one of my strengths: organisation. More specifically, using a triple approach that helps me with many parenting hurdles; setting a clear plan, consistency, and encouraging autonomy.

So if you’re also looking for a stress-free method to get your children out the door on time, Continue reading

What I Would Say to My Pregnant Self

I saw myself today. And at first, I didn’t even realise it was me.

She was huddled against the cold of winter in thick folds of grey and black, stepping carefully out of the car. Her husband – one hand closing the door, the other instinctively, lovingly, resting on the small of her back – said something in her ear that brought a brief smile to her tired face. He guided her slowly towards the brightly-lit supermarket, past the rows of trolleys, past the other parked cars, past me in another time.

Her belly swelled out from her woollen layers, tightly hugging the baby it still sheltered. But for how much longer? A week, two at the most? So sweet that he came along to help with the pushing, the lifting, and the carrying that her heavily pregnant body was struggling to manage. People were always calling her husband sweet.

I watched her. A woman today, but a mother one tomorrow very soon. She was, of course, completely unaware of what that would actually mean, Continue reading

5 Treatments You Need to Stop Giving Your Children

After more than fifteen years working as a pharmacist, it still surprises me how often I find myself encouraging people not to take medications.

Whist striving to do the best for themselves and their loved ones, I discover that many people are unnecessarily taking and giving treatments that may actually do more harm than good. And the biggest offenders are parents.

In an effort to reduce unnecessary harm and potential side-effects, I regularly encourage parents to stop giving their children certain medications and treatments. Unless otherwise directed by a medical professional, these are the top 5 treatments I encourage you NOT to give your children.* Continue reading

Why Ignoring My Son Was the Best Thing I Did Today

The best thing I did today was ignore my son.

Yes, it’s true that he’s unable to fix his own meals, true that he can’t manage to dress himself, and true that he can’t even go to the toilet on his own. Yes, it’s also true that I am my son’s main carer, but today I still chose to ignore him.

My method may surprise you, but my reasons hopefully won’t.

Now before you label me as a terrible person, an indolent carer, or a neglectful mother, the first thing I need to point out is that my son has only had Continue reading