8 Unexpected Things I Miss About Life Before Children

You’ve no doubt read these posts before. Most people are well versed in the sacrifices that will often be necessary when making the transition from adult to parent. Things like travelling the globe. Or just travelling to the shops without ‘helpers’. Crazy late nights out. Or just any nights out. Sleeping in. Or just sleeping at all. Even for an hour.

These are the sacrifices that every parent talks about and complains about. The sacrifices that your friends who have already crossed the divide into parenthood love to warn you about. Although it doesn’t seem to matter how often you hear about them, how often you’re warned, they still come as a terrible shock when they happen to you. Continue reading

8 Times to Worry vs 8 Times NOT to Worry

Even if I didn’t realise that I’m a worrier, any one of my friends or family would be able to set me straight. It’s really no secret. Just as my sons have to make a conscious effort to put on clothes before we leave the house (and, if truth be told, so does my husband), I have to make a conscious effort each day to keep my worries in check.

Unfortunately there’s no reliable way of doing this, but sometimes I can trick my brain by allowing myself some valid things to worry about.

(And sometimes I can even trick my boys into keeping their clothes on for a full afternoon.)

If you’re a worrier, like me, feel free to borrow my worry lists. You’re welcome. Continue reading

Never Be Late for School Again: 8 Steps to Getting Your Children out the Door on Time

I have never been a morning person. My genes just simply don’t allow for it. Yet now, as a mother of three, I find myself in the challenging position of getting the four of us organised and out the door by 8:00am each week day.

But when we realise that our mornings mentally set us up for the day, why not aim to keep them as stress-free as possible?

I found I could ease my morning struggles by employing one of my strengths: organisation. More specifically, using a triple approach that helps me with many parenting hurdles; setting a clear plan, consistency, and encouraging autonomy.

So if you’re also looking for a stress-free method to get your children out the door on time, Continue reading